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Photo by Hanson Lu

Gospel Tract Adventures

Of all the reasons I can think of to use tracts, none is better than the fact that God uses them. But another reason is that it speaks for us: it does not forget what to say, it never compromises, and it speaks in places we do not have access. A tract can reach a person’s whole household. A tract can be given to that person too busy to talk. A tract left behind can reach someone we may never meet.

I have always enjoyed tracting. My wife and I will go to the mall without the kids and spend the evening talking and shoving tracts in the pants pockets of the local clothing store. In the pictures above are two examples of places tracts can be used. The first is a table my wife sets up at different fairs to sell her goods. She displays money tracts which are a big hit. Without even trying she gives outs dozens of these each time. The second is one left in the floral department of Wal-Mart. Its placement will catch the eye of a passerby. Your imagination is your only limitation as to how to get tracts into to people’s hands.

Hearts For The Lost wants to hear your stories and adventures. What was the most unique place you left a tract? Who was the most interesting person you handed one to? What kinds of conversation have been spurred through breaking ice with one? Send us your stories and we may feature them on this blog or our newsletter. Send your stories to newsletter@heartsforthelost.com.