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Frequently Asked Questions

Our website was created with several purposes:  To glorify God, to clearly communicate our ministry, doctrine, and services our team offers, and to provide opportunity for believers to participate in the Great Commission.  Our FAQ page includes answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.  If you have additional questions, please see our Statement of Faith page for our doctrinal beliefs. If you can’t find an answer to your question, contact us directly. 

Q:  Who and What is “Hearts For The Lost”?

A:  We are a non-profit ministry devoted to encouraging and equipping Christians to sharing their faith with the world in a biblical manner, and offer our services free of charge to church congregations across the United States. Our About Us page goes into more detail.  We also gather our team members together to go out witnessing in our respective local communities during our available time.

Q:  What does a Hearts For The Lost event consist of?

A:  We provide a 2 and a half hour seminar called “Compelled.”  This seminar includes teaching and reading from Scripture, video examples, PowerPoint keynotes, a question & answer session, and prayer.  After the event, our team will head out to a pre-determined area in the community to share the gospel.  Attendees to our events are informed of this during the event and are encouraged (but not required) to come along to watch, or even participate by handing out gospel tracts and/or talking with those we may come in contact with.  We offer this so as to lead by example and practice what we preach.  This allows attendees an opportunity to watch and learn, or even participate, in an “in-the-field” witnessing experience.  We also will have Gospel tracts and Bibles available for those who would like to help hand them out.  We find that this is a great way to encourage believers that evangelism is something any believer can do, and even if they are timid they can at least take baby steps by handing out tracts or Bibles.  Our events resemble the “Transformed” events offered by Living Waters ministry and Way Of The Master.

Q: What are Hearts For The Lost Beliefs?

A:  See our Statement of Faith page.

Q:  Does Hearts For The Lost teach an evangelistic “method”?

A:  We believe that when it comes to witnessing, there is no “step-by-step method” or “ABC-123” terminology to sharing your faith one to one with people, but rather there are certain biblical principles involved when it comes to sharing the gospel.  There are many ways you can give the gospel to others, but when a person shares their faith his or her gospel message should be one that comes from the Bible, not a method devised by sinful man.  Think of the prophet Ezekiel and the bones in the valley:  It took a supernatural act of God to raise dry dead dusty bones to life. There was nothing Ezekiel could “do”, no “step-by-step method” to give life to bones…only God could give life to the dead and so it is with evangelism. Only the Holy Spirit can pierce the heart of sinful man and cause him to turn to God in repentance in faith…we as Christians should recognize that and study His word so that we can share the gospel in a manner that gives glory to God alone. We desire that Christians be equipped with biblical principles when they share their faith… not a method.

Q:  What are your thoughts about ________ theology?  (Fill in the blank with any bible theology that you wish)

A:  Hearts For The Lost wants to glorify God above everything else, and we believe that the True Church (genuine Christians around the world) must unite in sharing one Gospel to the world:  The biblical Gospel found in the Scriptures and nowhere else.  We do not get bogged down and teach secondary theology discussions or debates that are not essential to salvation.  That is not the purpose of our ministry.  We want to see Christians diligently searching their Bibles for knowledge on how to share their faith biblically to a lost and dying world.  We believe that digging deeper into God’s Word is essential to every believer’s spiritual growth, and should be facilitated by their local church body.  We want to assist church bodies in educating their congregation on sharing their faith biblically.  With that said, we do believe that it is dangerous to make evangelism a rallying point for believers or congregations of diverse or undefined doctrinal viewpoints concerning the essentials of salvation.  Truth and the desire to make it known around the world must be the uniting force.  We shouldn’t strive to send forth laborers, but rather sending forth God’s Truth through laborers.  We do believe biblical doctrine is important, and you can read our beliefs in our Statement of Faith page. 

Q:  How can I get Hearts For The Lost to come to my church?

A:  You must first contact and discuss with your church pastor and church leadership.  We require that pastors be well informed and involved with coordinating a Hearts For The Lost event.  We can then coordinate with your church on planning the event, sending promotional material and product, and discussing audio/video requirements. You can reach us through our Contact Us page on our website, emailing us directly (brianninde@heartsforthelost.com ) or by calling Brian Ninde (317.694.9999) directly.

*Please See our H4TL Event Agreement

Q:  How much do you charge for an event?

A:  NO CHARGE.  Free!  We do not charge for travel, promotional material, or any other service that we offer.  We let you or your church decide whether you want to provide a love offering or not.  We do have Living Waters Ministries material for sale at the events (gospel tracts, audio CDs, evangelism resources, bibles, etc.) but we have no requirements to sell any set amount at our events.

Q:  Why are your events free?

A:  We believe that the gospel (and sharing it to others biblically) is so important that we’re willing to use our time and money to encourage and equip believers in sharing their faith with others.  The Lord has provided our ministry the resources it needs, and He will continue to provide Hearts For The Lost what it needs as long as we serve Him faithfully and obediently and as long as He wills for us to serve Him through this ministry.