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Schedule Evangelism Training

Free Biblical Evangelism Training

We provide free biblical evangelism training in partnership with churches and ministries to build up the body of Christ for the work of ministry. This is done through a one day conference/training session with real world application. It is our desire that many will become on fire for God and desire to proclaim his goodness in their everyday lives.

How To Schedule An Evangelism Training Event

To book a Hearts for the Lost event please notify us through our contact page after reading the booking requirements below.

Booking Requirements:

You must first discuss with your church pastor and church leadership about booking Hearts For The Lost.  Our events must be approved by the church pastor, church leadership, etc. before we can move into event preparation.

Our goal is to try and get a minimum of 50 registered guests in attendance to our events if possible.  Please note that this is a targeted minimum and could be exceeded!  If you cannot guarantee the minimum number of attendees, the Hearts For The Lost team will work with you directly to determine a training event that fits your needs.

When contacting us, please provide the following information as it will help us speed up the preparation process: -Pastor’s email address and phone number -Church name and address. -Number of attendees expected to attend the event. -Estimated number of seats available in the host building. -Audio/video/technology capabilities of the host building (will microphones, projector/projector screens, speakers, etc. be available?)