"Have a Heart & Go Share Your Faith!" - Hearts For The Lost: The Podcast



To learn more about the ministry of Hearts for the Lost we have provided here for you a selection of testimonials taken from actual events.

Testimonials from event attendees at Mont Belvieu, Texas
Testimonials from event attendees at Christian Life Fellowship in Swanzey, NH
Testimonials from event attendees at Christian Life Fellowship in Swanzey, NH
Testimonials from event attendees at Christian Life Fellowship in Swanzey, NH
Pastor Lankford from New Beginnings Fellowship in Orange Park, FL
Brother Craig, the coordinator for New Beginnings Fellowship event

Pastoral Endorsements:

“There is a movement in our churches today to return to Biblical Salvation. Far too long we have been interested in warm bodies and not eternal life. Hearts for the Lost presented to us in a way that was biblically based, clearly communicated, and applicable to sharing the Gospel of our Lord to the lost. We get so comfortable in our routines that we forget to ask the simple question – “Is this biblical?” Thank you to the men of Hearts for the Lost for causing us to examine our presentations to see if we are leading the lost to Christ or just getting someone to endorse or admire Jesus without repentance and belief. May God bless.”

Don Duncan

Senior Chaplain

Oklahoma Jail & Prison Ministries

“I wish to thank the Hearts For The Lost evangelism ministry for their dedication to the proclamation of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. The people in our church have been greatly affected by their training. Our outreach ministry is working diligently to win the lost and the “Stepping Up & Stepping Out” conference by “Hearts For The Lost” has made a lasting impact on our efforts.  I whole heartedly endorse this ministry, and encourage every church that cares about the Great Commission, to take advantage of this valuable resource for training and inspiration.”

Dr. David M. Berman

Senior Pastor – Christian Life Fellowship

Swanzey, New Hampshire

“What a great way to spend a day! The Hearts For the Lost ministry is sure to transform your church’s passion for personal evangelism! Their approach is biblical, non-threatening & logical. They will train your people how to confidently share the Gospel with ANYONE!  Hearts For the Lost will help even the most timid Christian to be able to articulate the Gospel in a way that everyone can understand! These gifted evangelists desire to help pastors to fulfill their calling to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry, namely proclaiming the Gospel & leading people to Christ!”

Rev. Brian Cook

Executive Pastor – Christian Life Fellowship

Swanzey, New Hampshire

“Trinity had the privilege of hosting ‘Way of the Master’s Transformed Conference’ recently, and the results have been God anointed. ‘Hearts For The Lost’ stepped out in faith to lead this for us. Their passion has been contagious. God has opened a door to authentic evangelism and we are seeing genuine salvation experiences in the people God is placing in our lives. I recommend to you ‘Hearts for the Lost.’ God is using this ministry and so should you. I promise you and your people will catch the desire to share their faith with others in a way never experienced before.”

Dr. Rob White

Senior Pastor – Trinity Baptist Church

Cayce, South Carolina

“Hearts for the Lost has a passion for sharing God’s compassion through teaching and practical training.  It is a win-win ministry that offers biblical encouragement and real world experience.  Our church was blessed to partner with a sister church in our community in hosting the Stepping Up & Stepping Out Event.  You will be blessed to have them in your church and/or community ministry.”

Kevin Wirt

Pastor – Burkeville Baptist

Burkeville, Virginia

“We were blessed to have Matt, David and Steve to present to our church their program ‘Stepping Up, Stepping Out’.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in reaching the lost.  It presents a unique but straight forward way of sharing the Gospel with a world that is lost and dying.  It is worth your time to explore and invite this group to your church.  May God continue to bless this group because they are truly vessels of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Bill Padgett

Senior Pastor – Convent Baptist Church

Leesville, South Carolina