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Gospel Tract Adventures: Deer Season

It’s a cold morning but you pushed yourself to get up. Your motivation comes from the buck signs you found the week before. This may be the morning you finally get that bug buck.

To The Stand

It’s a ten minute walk from your parking spot to this public stand. You make it by moonlight so as not spook any deer with the brightness of a flashlight. Each step you carefully place minimizing the sound you make. The crisp air circulates around your face. Your chest is getting hot from the layers of clothes and yet your hands feel frozen to your rifle as you carry it along. At the bottom of the stand you tie your rope to your unloaded rifle before making the climb. Once up and situated with your harness tied-in, you lift your rifle and wait.

Dawn Comes

The dark begins to dissipate into the early shadows of pre-dawn. As the light increases you begin to notice an unnatural shape against the tree. As the light grow even more with the breaking of the sun’s rays against the landscape you reach out to investigate this strange item. It’s a million dollar bill, You exclaim.

It’s Your Turn

God will find you in the places you least expect. Above is pictured a gospel tract left in a public hunting stand. Are you a hunter? Let your creativity burst forth as you leave a gospel tract in a stand, blind, or in the public area sign-in book. Plant those seed today and watch the Lord grow a harvest.