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Repentance in Maryland

One of the common questions I am often asked is about the “Sinners Prayer”. Should we, or should we not use it when evangelizing?

When a person becomes convicted of the law by the Spirit, and understands the grace of Christ, and has a new heart within, then the goodness of God will come forth flowing from them without any guidance from the evangelist.

Salvation is solely a work of God, therefore the evangelist’s only job is to communicate the Gospel.

HFTL’s own Blair Radney sent me this picture of a sign he found along with the following message:

‘The following picture displays a sign nailed to a pole on a road near Eldersburg, Maryland.
Whoever nailed this sign to that pole went to a lot of trouble. This sign was not made on a computer and then printed out. This sign was made by hand with letters that had to be individually placed on the board that holds them. This sign cost the maker time, money and effort. The effort and time it took to make this sign is a testament to the desire of the maker to be forgiven….to get another chance.

Whoever made this sign is really, truly sorry for what they did. The words of the sign and the actions it took to hang it on that pole, prove it.

This sign-maker’s work reminds me of what the Bible says about repentance.

Luke 3:8… “Let your actions show that you have really turned from your sins.“‘

Thanks Blair