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Drive by Theology Giveaway

Just in time for Christmas (or maybe the New Year, depending on mail delivery) the Hearts For The Lost team want to give you a free copy of “Drive By Theology”. Not sure what that is? Wretched Radio, the producers of “Drive By Theology”, describe it this way:

Chances are you spend about 30 minutes driving to work every morning.

Chances are that after you finish praying and praising (unless you car pool, then that would be weird), you kill the rest of your commute by:

• Listening to wacky morning shows.

• Muttering, “Now I’ve seen it all” at women putting on mascara while driving.

• Encouraging several male drivers to turn in their man cards.

We have an option. Drive By Theology. 48 sixteen minute lectures by Todd Friel and Pastor R.W. Glenn (a.k.a. Pastor Smarty Pants) that will redeem your time and:• Provide a rock solid theological foundation.• Give you a greater appreciation for the soundness of Scripture.• Give you 48 reasons to praise God (even if you are carpooling).

Entry Rules:

Chance to win:

Leave a comment below with your name and email address (one that works) for one chance to win the give-a-way

Winner Selection:

Winner will be selected randomly on December 16th. The winner will be contacted and once confirmed will be announced. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of being contacted another will be drawn.Hearts For The Lost members are not eligible. Sorry guys 🙁

And The Winner Is…..