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Do We Have to Earn the Right in Evangelism

Earning The Right In Evangelism

Have you ever heard this phrase?  “You have to earn the right to speak to someone.” What is usually meant by this is that you need to first develop a friendship with someone before you speak to them about the things of God. Developing friendships in evangelism is certain biblical. Jesus was called a “friend of sinners.” (Luke 7:34) But Jesus never hid the truth from sinners while developing friendships. But the question remains do we have the right? Do we have the right to bother busy people with the gospel? Do we have the right to walk up to complete sinners and discuss the word of God? Do we have the right to preach on a street corner to people just trying get somewhere? Or does this need to be earned?

What Does The Bible say?

The answer is yes, we do have the right.

We have always had the right. It was given to us by the creator who made these busy people we are so hesitant not to bother. In Mark 16:15 we see that we are commanded to bother these people with the gospel.

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

So go out there with confidence and share your faith knowing that you are being obedient to the chief friend of sinners.