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Our Great Salvation

Our Great Salvation

Last week we studied the purpose of refining fire during trials. This post in verses 10 thru 12, Peter focuses on the history of this great salvation that is being refined.

Verse 10

Peter begins with switching the topic to the history to our salvation. He says how the prophets prophesied of this great salvation. The prophets who Peter is referring to are the Old Testament prophets. What are some ways did they prophesy about Jesus? Isaiah 40:345:20-2552:141553:1-261:1Micah 5:2Hosea 11:1, to name a few. Also, the prophets knew this great salvation was coming, so they searched their own works.

Verse 11

Various great truths exist in this verse. 1) Jesus was in the Old Testament prophets, 2) Jesus was predicted to them about His death, and 3) that Jesus would go to glory. They searched their own works to know these things about our salvation. Ezekiel even speaks of the new birth in 36:26, and the new covenant in 16:60-63. Jeremiah also told about the new covenant in 31:31-34.

Verse 12

The Old Testament prophets knew they were writing for people other than themselves. They were servants who were serving us. It was for our benefit they searched! These things about Jesus were reveled clearly in the New Testament, and this is the great salvation that we believe. The Holy Spirit revealed these things from heaven. This truth is not from the world, but is heavenly. Our salvation is so great angels wish to understand it!

Now what?

How does this fit into comforting those under persecution? This passage shows us how our salvation was not just a man made idea. It was not something invented overnight. But was, and is, from God. God predicted it in the Old Testament and the New Testament fulfilled it. This means our faith is not in a void, but is the truth. So we can learn how our faith is the truth, and the persecution that might come will be something we can bear.

Next post, we shall look at verses 13-16 where Peter gives practical advice on how to live out our faith.