Hearts For The Lost Photos

To learn more about the ministry of Hearts for the Lost we have provided here for you a selection of pictures taken from actual events and witnessing encounters. Please enjoy.


Time is Running Out: To have Hearts For The Lost come to your church. Team Members David Martin, Greag Moss, Adam West, and Blair Radney.


Blair Radney Witnessing in Missouri


Church Members Sharing Christ in VA





David Martin speaking at Calvary Chapel
Hearts For The Lost witnessing in Mississippi.


Getting Ready to Witness
Getting ready to share Christ
Greg Moss speaking in VA
Speaking with two girls at the chilli-cook off



Adam West prepares to speak in OK
Adam West prepares to speak in OK


Greg Moss witnessing




Getting ready to go witnessing with a group from Texas
Speaking at a Hearts For The Lost “Stepping Up & Stepping Out” event

Hitting the streets to share the gospel

Witnessing in the park

Stepping Up & Stepping Out Event product table


We were enthusiastically encouraged by the security guards, as we shared the gospel to folks at the mall in a biblical (and legal!) manner. We had a great day evangelizing after the event!

Evangelsim Training
Hearts For The Lost Witnessing at the Mall during the Christmas Season



Evangelism Training Event
Evangelism Training Event at Germantown Hills Baptist Church in Illinois