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Biblical Evangelism Training

We seek to assist local pastors and church congregations by helping them equip the saints with biblical principles in regards to personal evangelism. We do not teach “evangelistic methods” but rather we look to Scripture alone to learn how to share our faith to others. Our services are meant to be a supplement to the pastor’s vision for his church body, and not a hindrance. We offer our evangelism training events only at your request, and require that the pastor be on board and participate with what we do.

All of Our Services Are 100% FREE

We travel anywhere in the US and Canada on our dime because we feel that the gospel and sharing it biblically are that important. We pay for any and all travel expenses so that churches can get this message to their flocks effectively. We have currently conducted evangelism training seminars in Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin. We believe that if the Holy Spirit is leading these labors, then He will provide for our financial needs to labor in this ministry. So far, He has taken care of all of our needs in the past and we are making plans now for future events. Additionally, we continue to schedule local outreach events to share the Gospel in our own local communities.

We provide training in two formats which are:

Compelled Training:

This is a one day event that consist of a morning session of training followed by a workshop where we put into practice the biblical principals learned. For more information please visit our scheduling page here.

Compelled Conference:

The Compelled Conference is a larger format training that begins with a break-out session for men and women in the morning. This is followed by our practical evangelism training as well as powerful messages from selected speakers to compel your church to action based on the incredible mercy we receive through the Jesus Christ. As people become profoundly affected by a deeper understanding of Christ’s love for us, a love for others will flow willingly. For more information please visit the Compelled Conference page.


Interested in having Hearts for the Lost come to your church?

Please see our About Us page for more information!

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