"Have a Heart & Go Share Your Faith!" - Hearts For The Lost: The Podcast

Photo by Tim Boote

Youth Training 2014

Ashamed of the Gospel

According to a Barna Group research study, self-proclaimed born-again teenagers are less likely to share their faith with others by almost 30% over teens in 1997. There is an increasing tendency among Christian teenagers to be ashamed of the gospel. This despite increases in youth programs and Sunday school. Combating this requires parents and the church to take a more active role in disciplining children and teenagers in biblical doctrine and principals. Taking a hands off approach by assuming your child has the biblical knowledge they need from youth groups without consistent discipleship is a naïve attitude.

Training Youth for Christ

Hearts for the Lost’s Scotty Logue has for the past few years taken on the responsibility to disciple local teens in their faith and how to explain it to others. Last month in August he was joined by the rest of the team for the culmination of that effort to assist leading eleven teenagers to VCU in Richmond Virginia to share the gospel of Christ with incoming college students. The youth were enthusiastic about participating in the endeavor, which they did by handing out bibles, gospel tracts, and conversing with attentive college students. Afterwards the group met over dinner and shared experiences and fellowship. Hearts for the Lost was truly blessed by the experience. We encourage you not neglect the training up of your children through teaching and example.