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Using Child Abuse to Promote Feminism

F-bombs for Feminism: Child Abuse in Exchange for Women’s Rights

A current a video has gone viral that shows very young girls, six to thirteen years of age, being forced to use foul language to raise awareness for women’s equalities. The children use the f-word, s-word and terms for the male anatomy strung together in such a fashion that a drunken sailor would blush. After viewing it I wished I hadn’t and if your curiosity leads you to watch F-bombs for Feminism you’ll regret it too. (Sorry, no video link will be given here.)

Failed Feminism Logic

This video is a testimony to the failed logic of our times. In a society that is unable to articulate points of view in constructive and cogent ways inevitably falls into such demonstrative, dangerous and violent forms of expression. Violent is certainly what this is. It is violence towards the children of whom their parents are charged of protecting. It is also violence against common sense that one would think emotional child abuse through coercively forcing upon their daughters profanity with its associated mental images would be an appropriate way to bring awareness to women’s issues and rape. What this video is…is the raping of a child’s innocence. And for what? So that their self-interested profanity-pimps can raise organizational funds through t-shirt sales. Because we all know wearing a t-shirt will end rape. (as a side note for the unfortunate that saw this video, pay attention to the ordering of their concerns; pay inequality and then sexually abuse.)

Also, did it ever occur to the creator of the video that they are teaching little girls that they have to swear and act harshly to get attention? Are they saying women cannot articulate their ideas any other way? More logical failings and I could go on and on.


But should we be surprised? Of course not. This current generation is more interested in themselves than others…especially when it comes between children and their parents. Psalm 127:3 says, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Yet, this reward that God has granted to American women have been murder 765,651[1] times in 2010 alone (that we know of). Let that number sink in for a minute. For every 1,000 children born 228 are killed. I guess we should rejoice that the parents of these swearing-induced children did not kill them in the womb.

Changing the Conversation

But there is a solution for such child-hating parents, whether born or pre-born. That solution is the gospel. It is the gospel that says that while we are so absorbed with self-love to be blinded to our obligation to love and protect the gift of children that God himself loved us first and demonstrated that through the cross. While selfishness of the heart leads to such foolish actions as this video, the selfless love of Christ can cleanse that heart of its sin. The problems of which F-bombs for Feminism fails to address are sin problems, but the way it addresses it is child abuse. Both are unsolvable without the gospel of Christ permeating our society. Legislating morality or creating shock and awe videos will never change the root of the issue. The root is a sinful nature that enjoys and is predisposed to violating God’s law. Repentance and faith is Christ Jesus is the only solution that will both grant the gift of eternal life and enable a person to love others before themselves.

[1] CDC reported statistics https://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/data_stats/#Abortion