"Have a Heart & Go Share Your Faith!" - Hearts For The Lost: The Podcast

Photo by Kylie Lugo

Schedule Evangelism Training Now

Hearts For The Lost would like to come to your church this fall. This is the time to start planning. So if you are unsure as to why should you host a “Stepping Up and Stepping Out” event we will give you some reasons.

Biblical Principals

Most so-called “evangelism training” is based on salesman-like methods. This revolves mostly around trying to convince someone of the gospel: a Dale Carnegie style approach. This leaves people discourage and exacerbated because they are trying to sell Christ. The stress of “sealing the deal” kills a desire to share Christ with the lost. In the end these methods become ineffective and best and dangerous at worst as people express false faith in Jesus.

Hearts For The Lost does not teach methods. We look to the scriptures to teach the biblical God designed and ordained way He presents the gospel to a dying world. By walking inside the path God has created for reaching the lost we no longer have a burden to convince people to come to Christ. We discover that we are merely messengers and have an ally in the Holy Spirit. This provides the biblical motivation for evangelism and will bring a joy to those who share Christ with others.

Raising Laborers

Jesus in Mathew 9:38 asked for us to pray that the Lord of the Harvest would raise workers for His fields. Are you praying for this to happen? This is the mission of Hearts For The Lost; that Christ would raise up workers. We have been around the country and seen that the workers are assuredly very few. But who sends out workers without the proper tools and training? Let us provide the training needed for the work of evangelism.

It’s Free

We do not charge for the cost of coming to your church. Why? Because we know how important this message is. So important that we urge you to contact us today to schedule your event this year.

Contact David Martin for details. Call at 803.477.7921 or by email at DavidMartin@HeartsForTheLost.com to set up and schedule your event.