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Signs of the Times: Tracts – The Written Word

One day I came out of the local store that I’ve been in many, many times. Just before I got into my vehicle, I decided to drop $1M Bill gospel tract in the shopping cart. This is something I have done time and time again; often without giving it much thought.

I had sat down inside my car and was doing some paperwork when somebody knocked on my window. I rolled the window down and there was a gentleman with a big smile on his face. He said to me, “Well you sure got me with that one.” To which I asked what do you mean? Apparently, he thought I had actually left money in the cart and probably desired to return it to me. However, when he discovered that it was a gospel tract it brought a great smile to his face.

Then he asked me if I had a few more. It seems that he was part of a painting crew and the rest of his crew members were sitting in a van not far away. So I gave him several tracts, after receiving them, proceeded back to his van and distributed them among his fellow workers. I noticed that they were all reading the tracks and discussing its message. Further, the gentleman began to pass out the tracks to other patrons as they were entering and exiting the store. Needless to say my heart was filled with great joy. I sat in awe as I watch the gospel, written in word, presented itself to many people.

Using Tracts to God’s Glory

You just never know how God will see fit to glorify Himself by your most miniscule efforts. I have heard countless other such stories concerning tracts. They have been used down through history up to the present day by “young in faith” Christians and the most seasoned evangelists: and that’s the wonder of them. You don’t have to be a theological giant, or an exceptional orator. Simply lay one down at the mall, park, gym, or in a shopping basket. If someone picks it up and asks what does it mean then all you need do is read it to them.

 Selecting a Tract to Use

So how does one select a tract? Well, there is no prescribed “type” of tract really to recommend only that the message be biblical. Here are some guidelines that may help:

– Somewhere in some form within the tract there should be a biblical Law and Gospel message. Otherwise, what’s the point?

– The method of distribution should be well-thought-out so that the tract is well suited.

– How you intend to distribute them should be considered. Some tracts seem to work well with young children, some are designed to be placed in accessible locations, while others are more suited for specific events or seasons.

– Size doesn’t always matter. I prefer one that I can carry in my pocket.

– Adding general contact information such as website address should be considered. It doesn’t have to be your personal info but rather the info of your church or some other trusted ministry. Remember evangelism is the beginning of discipleship.

Some sources of good tracts can be found at these sites:

Living Waters

One Million Tracts

So go and get yourself a well written tract and reach out with the Gospel.