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Signs of the Times: Laser Light


Warning, warning, danger lurks ahead. Slow down dangerous curve ahead. Caution slippery floor. Clearance is only 14’9″.

All around us every day, nearly every which way you look are warnings concerning the possibility of serious injury or possibly death. Most of us would not think twice about warning even a complete stranger of a possible danger. In fact, we often find that it is instinctive within us to offer a loud verbal warning followed by wildly flailing physical gestures.  Look out below! Fore! Duck! Everybody please stand back!

Most of our civil laws require warning labels and signs to be posted in very conspicuous places so that everyone will see them. Why is this? Because the danger is real and warning people is the right and reasonable things to do.

The Blind Man

If you were to notice a blind man walking inches from a very steep cliff, I am sure that you would see that it would be right and proper to shout a warning.  If the warning to the blind man then goes unheeded you would need to increase your efforts, maybe as far as even as grabbing the man by the arm and yanking him back. There is a drive within a person to convince a person of the danger of which another is unaware.  In this case illustrated you may even go so far as dropping 10 stones over the cliff so as they are heard crashing below to convince the blind man may avoid peril. Warnings are of little use after the damage is done. It would do no good to shout a warning when the blind man is already plummeting to his death.

Warnings from God

This is the plight of the evangelist. Sin is very real. God’s judgment is very real. Death and Hell are very real. The evangelist sees a world sinking into the grave. Driven by truth he shouts the warnings of the Gospel. But wait, doesn’t “Gospel” mean “good news”? Actually yes, and warning someone of unforeseen danger is to that person very good news indeed.

God has given us the Gospel of Christ. For the Christian, sin, death, and hell are no longer their own. For God has imputed the righteousness of Christ to them and their sin to Christ. Who suffered and died, conquered death, and arose again. Therefore it is the joy of the evangelist to proclaim the triumph of Christ.