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Photo by Aaron Burden

Ministry Report: Oklahoma City

Jail and Prison Ministry Conference

On March 9th, we presented an extended version of our “Stepping Up and Stepping Out” event to the volunteers, evangelists and chaplains of the Oklahoma Jail and Prison Ministries. Each volunteer requires eight hours of training each year. This year Senior Chaplin, Don Duncan wanted to focus on the operation of the Holy Spirit in regards to evangelism. In Chaplin Duncan’s words, “Too many times we get people to say a prayer when the Holy Spirit is not convicting of sin, righteousness and judgment.  When this occurs, we see people endorsing the ethics of Christianity and not the value/belief system.  We also do not witness a transformed life exemplified by the fruit of the Spirit.” We spent a considerable amount of time on the biblical application of the call of repentance and faith in Christ and taught on the biblical approach to evangelism going through many scripture references. After the event, our team split-up and put principal into practice as we went into the streets of Oklahoma to speak to the homeless and into the Jail to witness to the imprisoned. (Read David Martin’s blog on his experience inside the jail here) The Lord blessed us in this event by allowing us to spend time with and encourage other soldiers for Christ already on the battlefield. Below we would like to share with you some of the responses we received.

“This is a wonderful report below and the training was outstanding on Saturday, March 9th. Thanks so much for all of your hard work. I used one of their techniques on salvation the following Tuesday in allowing the inmate to “repent of their own sins personally to GOD” and it was incredible – we both cried a bucket of tears together while he was repenting and Praying …”

Bill Farley

“There is a movement in our churches today to return to Biblical Salvation. Far too long we have been interested in warm bodies and not eternal life. Hearts for the Lost presented to us in a way that was biblically based, clearly communicated, and applicable to sharing the Gospel of our Lord to the lost. We get so comfortable in our routines that we forget to ask the simple question – “Is this biblical?” That you to the men of Hearts for the Lost for causing us to examine our presentations to see if we are leading the lost to Christ or just getting someone to endorse or admire Jesus without repentance and belief. May God bless.”

Senior Chaplain Don Ducan

We want to thank the volunteers of Oklahoma Prison and Jail Ministries for their dedication and service to the Lord. We also thank God for his blessing upon the ministry of Hearts For The Lost and for providing people to support us financially so training events can continue to be provided for free. If you are interested in having us come to your church or ministry please contact us today.

May Christ receive His full award!