"Have a Heart & Go Share Your Faith!" - Hearts For The Lost: The Podcast

Photo by Akira Hojo

Ministry Report: Missouri Calvary Chapel

June 22nd, the Hearts For The Lost team was blessed with the opportunity to present a “Stepping Up and Stepping Out” event. It was hosted by Calvary Chapel, led by Pastor Wes Denham, and was followed by going out and sharing our faith within the local community. The locations we went to were unique in the fact that, as a team, we have never shared our faith in these particular settings. The first conversation I personally had was with a gentleman while we stood on a sand bank in the middle of the river. Later, we stopped at a campground for horses as we continued to share the gospel with every “creature.” The opportunities that God had created for us just reinforced the idea that we can create a witnessing conversation in any setting in which there are people.

We as a team were blessed by John and Melissa Throgmorton who have such a desire to reach the lost for Christ. We always find it amazing to see how God is using a small groups of dedicated disciples within each church we present at to raise up workers. Please pray that God will continue this good work within Calvary Chapel.

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