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Photo by Claudel Rheault

Just One Little Lie!

I have always thought that it is very interesting how the secular world often stumbles onto biblical principles. Even the secular world knows how horrible and serious the “crime” of lying is.

Think about it if you lie to a stranger, you don’t get in much trouble.

If you lie to your spouse, you sleep in the doghouse.

If you lie to your boss, you can get fired.

If you lie on your state taxes, you could get five years.

And if you lie to purchase a firearm for someone else, you have committed a federal offense punishable by 10 years.

What is the difference? The “act” or “crime” is the same, yet the punishments are so different.

The authority of whom the offense is committed against dictates the severity of the punishment.

When we sin, it is an offense against the highest authority in the universe. Therefore, the punishment is severest.

Because our sin is against the very eternal creator of the universe, it is right and just for the punishment to also be eternal.

In today’s penal system there is no grace, only justice. However, God in His infinite mercy found the perfect sacrifice in Jesus Christ, who though undeserving, and existing in the beginning with the Father, perfectly suffered, died, and was buried, sufficiently satisfying justice for the sins of the entire world.

Then he conquered death, arose from the grave, and ascended to heaven. From there he will judge the quick and the dead.

Repent, turn from sin, and put your trust in the Savior and what he accomplished on the cross.