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Photo by Raghu Nayyar

Compelled Conference: What is it?




1. An irresistible drive or force to do something.

e.g. “Go out into the highways, and hedges, and compel them to come in

synonyms: urge, extort, insist on, necessitate

 Do you live as if you are compelled by the love of Christ? Is your life characterized by knowing the sufficiency of the Holy Spirit as your guide? Are you burdened to reach people with the message of God’s grace? Are you driven to know His truth for your life?

What Compels You?

There are many things in life that compel and drive us into the direction our lives shape into. The catalyst for them can be our backgrounds, geography, economic status, desires, and so much more. But nothing should compel us like knowing God’s design for our life and living it out. This March,  the Hearts For The Lost ministry is presenting a conference designed to compel you to keep in step with the spirit creating the driving force within you to step out in faith. Do not miss such powerful speakers as Todd Friel, Emilio and Trish Ramos, Mike Gonzalez and the Hearts for The Lost Team; David Martin, Greg Moss, Scotty Logue, Adam West and Blair Radney as you are challenged, encourage, and compelled to be devoted followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Coming March 15, 2014: The Compelled Conference