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Compelled Conference – Kentucky: Ministry Report

Compelled Conference-Kentucky: Ministry Report

On October 25th Hearts for the Lost, Pastor Emilio & Trish Ramos, and Pastor Stevens join the wonderful saints at Wellington Church in Nicholasville Kentucky for a Compelled Conference. We were overjoyed to spend time in fellowship with this church. This conference was part of an overall program guided by the Pastors to raise up workers to share the gospel of Christ to the surrounding town. We heard many stories about how Wellington Church members have been planting seeds of the gospel through tracts and verbal communication with their friends, families, and strangers. It touched my heart to hear them relayed to us.

During the conference the Hearts for the Lost team reinforced the evangelism training they were receiving through instruction, video, and role-play. Pastor Emilio and Pastor Stevens both gave encouraging messages to the church. On Sunday Pastor Emilio brought additional instruction on sharing the gospel to followers of Islam. Through the support and prayers of Hearts for the Lost sponsors this was all made possible.

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