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Photo by Dan Stark

Christianity in Canada

The State of Christianity in Canada

Here are some statistics we would like to share with you regarding the state of the church in Canada.

  • Approximately 72% of Canadians self-identify as Christian.
  • Only 12% of these “Christians” consider themselves evangelical.
  • Church attendance is down 30% over 20 years according to Canada’s General Social Survey.
  • One in three Canadians have not attended a Church service in the previous year.

These statistics are grim. By all appearances it seems the church, and Christianity, in Canada is in decline. Only God knows how many within these statistics are truly saved. The question becomes what can possibly change this.

The answer: It’s the Gospel!

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. (Romans 1:16) But how can this life saving message of God’s mercy come to knowledge unless someone speaks up? (Romans 10:14) Canada needs more workers for the fields of Christ to labor to bring the gospel to the unconverted.

Hearts For The Lost wants to help you bring change to Canada through the proclamation of the gospel. Do you attend a church that needs encouragement and instruction in biblical evangelism? Contact us today and we will come to your church for free and provide you with training and together hit the streets to put principal into practice.

Help bring Christ to the lost of Canada.