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Photo by Ben White

Booths and Tables – Tips and Techniques

Recently there have been a number of people asking me for information on how to obtain permission for, and to set up, evangelistic booths or tables in areas of population.

So I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts titled “Booths and Tables – Tips and Techniques” to help answer just that question.

The neat thing about having a booth or a table in an effort to share the Gospel is that within itself there is a built in “icebreaker.” You see when people approach your booth or table which is covered in gospel tracts, they instantly assume that you are a Christian group. So they will naturally also assume that you will speak about Christian ideals.

I would suggest, for the desiring evangelist, to consider these 7 suggestions when setting out to share the Gospel via an evangelistic booth or table.

1. Get training.

– Learn how to present the gospel in a biblical fashion. (2 Tim 2)

2. Plan Ahead.

– Who, When, Where, What, and How long.

3. Get help.

– The biblical example of public evangelism is in groups of 2 or 3. (Luke 10)

– Also, this can be a lot of work, and the extra help will come in handy.

4. Get Financing.

– Although the love of money is the root of all evil, it is not evil in and of itself.

5. Get Permission.

– The popular phrase: “It is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission” is not a biblical standpoint. (Gen 3)

6. Gadgets.

– This is the fun part. Techniques for attracting people to your booth that lead to a sharing of the Gospel.

7. Follow-up.

– Make plans for follow-up discipleship. You never know how or when the Lord may use you to call others.

I will address each of these suggestions in future upcoming blog posts. In the meantime I welcome suggestions and stories from your “Booths and Tables” evangelism efforts.