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Booths and Tables – Tips and Techniques, Part 2

Part 2: get training.

“North American Christianity is 3000 miles wide and 1/2 inch deep”

J.I. Packer, The Quest for Godliness

Before you rent or set up a booth/ table, or attempt to share the gospel in any fashion be sure your faith has depth.

In my seven-year career as a saved Christian and evangelist, I have found it to be very common to meet someone who professes Christianity, yet they have no idea what it is they actually believe, and subsequently they are unable to articulate even what they think they believe.

This must not be so for the evangelist. Imagine trying to describe what it’s like to fly on an airplane to someone who has never flown on one. Now, imagine trying to describe what it’s like to fly on an airplane to someone who has never flown on one and – neither have you.

Christians have a testimony because they have experienced Grace. Christians know their experience and testimony are genuine, when these are in alignment with Scripture. It is this experience along with the written word which gives them the desire and ability to articulate and share their faith with others.

So, what is evangelism exactly?  – Communicating the Gospel in a Biblical Way.  That’s it.

When you search the Internet you will find many methods and techniques entitled “Evangelism”. It is easy to get confused. However, until you have actually and Biblically communicated the Gospel you have not yet shared the Gospel.

In His written word, the Bible, God stated: “The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: ”also that “the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.” (Ps 19:7) A common mistake by professing Christians today is the false assumption that the message must be amended to reach the people. The tendency is an attempt to make today’s church seem relevant and vibrant to today’s world.

 However, today’s world, yesterday’s world, and tomorrow’s world for that matter, doesn’t need the church. The world needs the Gospel.

The job of the evangelist is the Biblical communication of the Gospel and not so much the promoting of the church.

True – you do not have to be a Theologian or Bible scholar to share your faith. It is good to have a zeal of God, however be sure it is according to knowledge.

Training tips:

–          Networking – Join other evangelists in your area. I know of  a “few” around the country, send me an e-mail and I’ll see if I can get you in touch with them.  gregmoss@heartsforthelost.com

–          Attend, or even conduct, training courses at your church – “The Basic Training Course” available from livingwaters.com is easy to use and you do not even have to be a seasoned evangelist to teach the course.

–          Attend training courses at other churches – don’t be afraid to reach out to other congregations that are currently engaged in biblical evangelism. Although they may not be your denomination, you are merely attending training not seeking membership. http://www.9marks.org/churchsearch/

–          Train online – http://www.biblicalevangelism.com/ this is a Living Waters Ministries training course for biblical evangelism. It took me a year to complete the course, but I was already on the streets only weeks after starting.

–          Videos CD’s and DVD’s – http://www.wretchedradio.com/  Wretched Radio has many great products to help you understand and share your faith.

–          Practice in the safety of your own home – Before hitting the streets and confronting strangers attempt to communicate the gospel to your dog, your cat, or even a fence post. You’re not likely to get much feedback but at least you can check your message to see if it is indeed a Biblical communication of the Gospel.

–          Or attend a “Stepping Up and Stepping Out” event with Hearts for the Lost at a church near you soon.

When you undertake Biblical Evangelism it will deepen your faith.