Schedule Evangelism Training


Free Biblical Evangelism Training

We provide free biblical evangelism training in partnership with churches and ministries to build up the body of Christ for the work of ministry. This is done through a one day conference/training session with real world application. It is our desire that many will become on fire for God and desire to proclaim his goodness in their everyday lives.

How To Schedule An Evangelism Training Event

To book a Hearts for the Lost event please notify us through our Contact Us page after reading the booking requirements below.

Booking Requirements:

You must first contact and discuss with your church pastor and church leadership about booking Hearts For The Lost.  Our events must be approved by the church pastor, church leadership, etc. before we can move into event preparation.

Our policy requires a minimum of 50 people in attendance to our events.  Please note that this is a minimum requirement and should be exceeded!  If you cannot guarantee the minimum number of attendees, the Hearts For The Lost team is not obligated to come out.

When contacting us, please provide the following information as it will help us speed up the preparation process: -Pastor’s email address and phone number -Church name and address. -Number of attendees expected to attend the event. -Estimated number of seats available in the host building. -Audio/video/technology capabilities of the host building (will microphones, projector/projector    screens, speakers, etc. be available?)

2017 Hearts For The Lost Schedule

April 29th
Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Wenatchee, WA
Compelled Training
January 19-21st
G3 Conference
Atlanta, GA

2016 Hearts For The Lost Schedule

October 1st
Blue Ridge Bible Church
Kansas City, MO
Compelled Training
June 4th
Jesus Lives Ministry Fellowship
Hanover, MD
Compelled Training
April 23rd
The Anchor Church
Gilroy , CA
Compelled Training

2015 Hearts For The Lost Schedule

April 19-27th
Africa for Christ
Kenol Town, Kenya
Pastoral training and Crusade
July 10th – 11th
Jersey Fire: Striving for Eternity Ministries
Toms River, New Jersey
August 29th
Stepping Up & Stepping Out Event
Woodbridge Baptist Church
Woodbridge, Virgina

2014 Hearts For The Lost Schedule

 March 15
COMPELLED Conference
The Harvest Church Lexington, SC
May 30 & 31
Ohio Fire Conference
Striving For Eternity
We will have a table and be leading groups in one-to-one witnessing training.
July 11 & 12
Jersey Fire Conference
Striving For Eternity
We will have a table and be leading groups in one-to-one witnessing training.
August 22 & 23
Richmond Virgina
Youth Outreach Training
August 27th
Crewe Virginia
Stepping Up & Stepping Out Conference
Crewe Baptist Church
October 25th
COMPELLED Conference
Wellington Church
Nicholasville, KY
 2013 Hearts For The Lost Schedule
February 23 First Baptist Church Mont Belvieu, TX
March 9 Oklahoma Jail & Prison Ministries
Oklahoma City, OK
April 27 Green Ridge Baptist Church
Roanoke, VA
June 8 Journey Church
Baldwyn, MS
June 22
Calvary Chapel
Troy, Mo
August 17
New Covenant Fellowship Church: Youth Training Event
Burkeville, Va
September 13-15
NYC Metropolitan Baptist Association: NYC Outreach

2012 Hearts For The Lost Schedule

February 11
New Vision Fellowship Center
Orangeburg, SC
April 28
Grace In Motion Conference
Lake Murray Baptist Church
Lexington, SC
September 28-29
German-town Hills Baptist Church
German-town, IL

2011 Hearts For The Lost Schedule


March 26
Cayce United Methodist Church
Cayce, SC
April 16
Hocutt Baptist Church
Raleigh, NC
April 30
Grace Baptist Church
Eureka, CA
September 17
First Baptist Church
Benson, AZ
October 8
Friendship Baptist Church
Sykesville, MD
November 5
Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel
Yucca Valley, CA