Urban Myth Theology

Urban Myth Theology It was the spring of 1882 and Charles Darwin was dying. He had been diagnosed with heart failure and was now confined to his bed. A friend of the family visited him, a woman known as Lady Hope. She had been a strong Christian woman who had […]

Urban Myth Theology Photo

Muslim Propaganda Billboard

Pro-Islam Billboard Erected Over Jewish Cemetery

Pro-Islam Billboards Claim Muhammad Promoted Peace Across America the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is erecting pro-Islam billboards such as the one pictured here which ironically stands over the Jewish Orthodox cemetery of Beth Tfiloh & Beth Jacob. The messages range from identifying Jesus as Muslim to this one […]

Child Abuse for Feminism

Using Child Abuse to Promote Feminism 2

F-bombs for Feminism: Child Abuse in Exchange for Women’s Rights A current a video has gone viral that shows very young girls, six to thirteen years of age, being forced to use foul language to raise awareness for women’s equalities. The children use the f-word, s-word and terms for the […]


Apologetics 1

Apologetics: For God’s Glory? Apologetics is the art of defending a position by use of logic, reason or evidence. It has been used over the centuries to defend the faith by such persons as Justin Martyr, Augustine and in modern times such as R.C. Sproul and Ken Ham. A skilled […]