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Signs of the Times

Unpaved Roads

Really, seriously folks, is this sign absolutely necessary? It seems to be just stating that which is so painfully obvious. Can’t people tell just by driving down this road that it is not paved and that it is not safe to go very fast? Do we really have to spend […]

Why Good Karma Tastes Soo Bad

The scale theory is held by many people and it goes like this: “As long as my good outweighs my bad I’ll be fine on the Day of Judgment.” Some call this good karma. This is, of course, ludicrous. I often point out that that theory does not hold water […]

Always Be Ready

As I prepared to leave our evangelism booth at the local 4-H fair to do some one-to-one with fellow evangelist and friend Ed he shared with me why his backpack was so heavy. In it he had a complete Greek and Hebrew parallel text and a Qur’an in English and […]

Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times

This sign was found on a restaurant window in Augusta Georgia. Often times a sign can communicate far more than what is actually written on its surface. Although the message itself may seem simple and innocent enough there are often times when one will catch your eye and cause you […]

Examine Yourself- Paul Washer

Download MP3: A Sermon That Has Angered Many – Examine Yourself I’ll Be Honest, will you? Grace Community Church San Antonio, Texas